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Product Updates: Tile Smasher Head

Makinex Apr 28, 2023 12:07:17 AM

December 2020

Makinex continually strives to innovate & improve its products reflective of customer & market feedback and influence.
The following updates for the Makinex Tile Smasher Head are for the new version that is currently being shipped out now. 

1- Recessed bolt to mitigate damage from tiles, also with self-locking benefit from serrated teeth
OLD                                                                                              NEW
2- Deeper taper hole on the head to allow more length of the shank to be inserted and encapsulating more diameter on the tip to reduce fatigue breakages
3- New counterbore vs old countersunk bolt holes. Bolts are now self-locking flange design, new bolts are not retrofittable to old heads. (We still sell the old bold TSH-BS)
OLD(TSH-BS)                                                                                 NEW(TSH-BS-V2)
For more vertical breakage applications, the Makinex Wide Chisel(WCAU-404), or similar, should be used.
NEW TSH SM POST 1200x1200




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