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Floor removal made easy with maxinex floor stripper!

Makinex Apr 28, 2023 12:39:25 PM

The Makinex flooring range covers a wide area of products that can aid application based tradies wanting greater efficiency in all finishes and surface coatings.

Makinex can support you at every stage of your flooring job, be it laying a floating floor, working with exposed aggregate, or applying epoxy we have a machine to give you the best results.


E057_D8H2425With any job there is often an element of removal before the job starts – no one wants to lay flooring onto a rough and uneven surface, we supply tradies who want to use the right tools for the job and service their clients to a very high standard.

The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley or Makinex Floor Stripper allows you to remove tiles, vinyl and cork up to 6 x faster. No more struggling or bending trying to handle heavy jackhammers. The trolley carries most of the weight whilst the user positions themselves behind the trolley to push along.

The JHT (Jackhammer Trolley) suits most 16 kg Jackhammers and will allow you to remove unwanted waste before you start your job.


Once you have removed unwanted elements you need to remediate the surface – or in basic terms level it ready for surface preparation.

Whether you do this yourself or get in a subbie you will need to power your grinder, demolition hammer, scarifier or concrete saw.

Makinex have a range of Generators that pair with your tools to give you more than 92% efficiency from the alternator. All Makinex Generators are compact and manoeuvrable, making them perfect for working in tight spaces where power is hard to get. The Generator has an easy to use handle to allow you to push the generator to where you need it, and has low noise level making it idea for residential work sites.

High quality Makinex Generators maintain the performance of your machinery – allowing you to get full draw power to the machine, giving optimum performance

Makinex offer a 3-year warranty and provide you with the support you need with on hand advice.


The final piece to getting a great finish on any floor is to prepare the floor ready for laying.

We understand that you want to level the floor ready for the final application.

The Makinex Mixing Station is the ultimate mixing solution for self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies, producing a perfect mix every time. Designed by Contractors for Contractors, this portable station provides efficient hands-free mixing and enables fast precision pouring of materials.

Get your job done in half the time! The Makinex Mixing Station with stirrer can mix up to 100kg (220lbs) batches in 3 minutes

The Makinex Mixing Station is ultra-lightweight and the ergonomic design with easy tilt operation provides control and speed for precision pouring. It also features a dust/splash reduction cover for safer use and less mess.

Once you have removed remediated and prepared you’re free to finish the floor knowing it’s a efficient and professional job, with no imperfections.

Everyone is happy – including your customers.

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