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Fast Tile Removal With The Makinex Jack Hammer Trolley!

Makinex Apr 28, 2023 12:36:45 PM

The Jackhammer Trolley (JHT) has been an award-winning innovative product that has enabled operators to remove floor tiles faster!

Since the JHT was first introduced, this unique invention has undergone a series of ongoing upgrades and improvements to allow for a truly evolutionary solution for demolishers.

The JHT is a demolition tool for the fast and effective removal of floor tiles, adhesive residue, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces.

What is unique about this product is the trolley itself carries the majority of the weight of the jackhammer, relieving the pressure and strain from the operator. As a result, operator fatigue and injury is considerably reduced. With built-in shock absorbers, the JHT also cuts down on the vibration impact, which essentially means less headaches and back pain!

In March 2013, Makinex released a new and improved design of the JHT, reconfiguring the frame so the handle bar position is higher for better ergonomics. As is to be expected of Makinex, the JHT will undergo regular design review in an effort towards continuous improvement.

“We want to be an industry beacon when it comes to the provision of unique and innovative products,” says company Director, Rory Kennard. “That means Makinex must be progressive, passionate and nimble in everything we do from design to delivery.”

The JHT is available for both sale and hire, with optional attachments such as a wide chisel and tile smasher available for specific applications.

For more information on the Makinex Jackhammer Trolley, call 1300 795 953.

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