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Dual 16kW 480V Bundle

Special Promotion thru July 31
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Only 36" x 25" x 39.5"

  • Powers up to 27A @ 480V
  • Runs 120V & 480V at same time
  • 120V & 480V outlets included

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Size Matters – Small is beautiful

The 23 kW is less than 1/3 the size and weight of most SKID and towable generators with similar power output. It's so small it fits in your trailer.
Truck with Box Trailer (1)

Avoid the hassle of SKID or towable generators

Buy a Makinex 23kW and you are ready for any job

World’s smallest 480V 3-phase generator
Easy transported on your truck or trailer
Put anywhere, fits in elevator, doorway
No delays, no hassle, just plug and go

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The 23kW generator is a no brainer for polishing and prep contractors. Now they can bring a 480V power source and other equipment on one trailer, with no need for a separate generator tow.Jeff Durgin, General Manager, Gamka, NJ.

Our first production run is already sold out

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Due to limited supply of new parts, units will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis thru Q3 2020 as production volume ramps up.

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